RADIO DIAL in concert

Published on Apr 14, 2016
Brian Thorne’s video caught RADIO DIAL in concert at the new Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Feb/16, featuring Rebecca Campbell, Martin Worthy (drums), Steve Lucas (bass) and Jim Clayton (piano). Visit

RADIO DIAL’S Rebecca Campbell with Sultans of String

An Interview with Stuart Laughton,

by Edward Nixon’s Musicians Portrait Project

RADIO DIAL’S Precursor, Pork Belly Futures – “I Need My Heart”

RADIO DIAL owes a lot to Porkbelly Futures, a group started by Stuart when he approached Paul Quarrington about starting a band. Martin Worthy and then Rebecca Campbell came on board. Martin and Rebecca are both now with RADIO DIAL and our sets usually include Porkbelly songs. As Porkbelly, we had lots of fun making this video of Paul Quarrington’s I Need My Heart. Keyboard star Richard Bell (Janis Joplin/The Band/Blackie and the Rodeo Kings) couldn’t make the filming date, though he’s all over the song and did most of our gigs. That thing I’m playing that looks like a card table is a 10-string pedal steel guitar, and was my main instrument for years in the band. A wonderful instrument, it was made in Penatanguishene, Ontario by Ed Fulawka and is now on permanent loan to Radio Dial’s Burke Carroll.

Canadian Brass – “Quintet”

I was thrilled to be part of this beautifully photographed music video, by Barbara Willis Sweete of Rhombus Media. She chose to film Canadian Brass in Ontario’s Elora Gorge, performing Michael Kamen’s Quintet, which was composed specially for the group. Kamen’s collaborations with pop stars such as Eric Clapton, Ryan Adams, Sting and Pink Floyd are well know, as are his film scores for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, the Die Hard movies, Mr. Holland’s Opus and many others. The wonderful French horn soloist is Jeff Nelsen.